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Ricotta Avocado Toast

This Ricotta Avocado Toast is a simple yet scrumptious breakfast or lunch!

Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!

I’m the type of person that will eat the same 3 breakfasts/lunches again and again. It’s easy and you don’t have to do as much brain work. So I was really stepping out of the box when I created this Ricotta Avocado Toast. I had a bit of leftover ricotta from making lasagna, and I decided to spread it on my toast so it wouldn’t go to waste. To my delight, it was delicious! Now I know what to do with those little bits of leftover ricotta.

Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!

Here are the simple ingredients that you’ll need: a slice of sourdough bread, ricotta cheese (duh!), butter, avocado, lemon, and salt + pepper.


Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!

This stuff is not rocket science: Toast the bread, spread on a layer of butter, top with ricotta, add salt + pepper to your heart’s content, and squeeze lemon juice on top.



Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!

You can get all fancy with an avocado rose, or you can be sensible and just lay slices on top. More salt + pep are in order!


Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!


You can sprinkle on some chili flakes if that makes you happy, or leave them off it spicy food isn’t your thing! An egg would also be a lovely addition for some extra oomf.

And there you have it: Ricotta Avocado Toast!

How about you? Do you eat the same basic things again and again, or do you eat a different breakfast/lunch every single day?

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Ricotta Avocado Toast - an easy and delicious breakfast idea!
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Ricotta Avocado Toast

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American, Mediterranean
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1
Author Erica Kastner


  • 1 slice sourdough bread
  • 2 teaspoons grass-fed butter
  • 2 tablespoons full-fat ricotta cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • freshly squeeze lemon juice to taste
  • 1/3-1/2 whole avocado, sliced
  • chili flakes optional


  1. Toast the bread to your liking. Spread with butter. Top with ricotta. Sprinkle the ricotta with salt and pepper. Squeeze on some fresh lemon juice.

  2. Top with avocado slices, more salt and pepper, and chili flakes if desired. 


Recipe Rating

Jeannie G Christian

Friday 18th of September 2020

I had no idea that Ricotta would taste so good on toast. I always have extra ricotta left over, so I will be eating this often. Next time I will add a little bacon.

Erica Kastner

Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

So happy you enjoyed it, Jeannie! Ooooh...great idea to add a little bacon!

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Wednesday 16th of May 2018

I bet that would even be awesomer :) with homemade ricotta!

Erica Kastner

Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Ooooh...I need to try making my own ricotta sometime!


Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Hi, Erica!

So pretty! It makes me wish I could eat ricotta cheese.

Like you, I eat the same one or two things for breakfast and lunch everyday. I eat either old fashioned oats with wild local honey -- drizzle -- and some heavy cream or Greek yogurt with fruit for breakfast. For lunch I'll eat salad with a little meat or chicken or Wasa brot with cheese. I use my imagination for supper. ; )


Erica Kastner

Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Hey Diane,

Thank you! That's too bad that you can't eat ricotta! :(

Mmmm...your oatmeal sounds delicious! I love oats for breakfast. Yes! Same - I do different things for supper each night, just not breakfast and lunch. Haha!