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What I Ate Wednesday (7-31-2019)

What I Ate Wednesday - July 2019

Hello, hello! How’s your summer going, friends? It’s been pretty busy here in northern MN…I’ve been trying to balance being a mom to 3 littles (caring for a baby is always a challenge), blogging, doing fun summer things (I don’t think we’ve been to the lake enough times yet), and building our new house. Well, of course I’m not the one building it. But making decisions about it takes up mental space.


Here’s everything I ate yesterday:

A bowl of yogurt with fresh and frozen blueberries with dried coconut sprinkled on top.


A bowl of plain yogurt topped with fresh and frozen blueberries and dried coconut.


Ashwagandha tincture on a marble surface with a cup in the background.

I also took my ashwagandha tincture. My doctor wants me to focus on healing my adrenals, and this is what she recommended. I’ll talk more about that in a health update post…

A small bowl filled with supplements.

These are all of the “pills” I take in a day. I take about 1/3 of them at breakfast.


Matcha latte in a stoneware mug with latte art.

I also had a matcha latte (technically a breve) with a scoop of collagen peptides and sweetened with a touch of honey.


What I Ate Wednesday: leftover cheeseburger totchos.


For lunch I had leftover cheeseburger totchos. Reuben requested them for his birthday, but we actually had them a day later since we went out to eat on his birthday.

A nearly empty jar of peanut butter.


I was still feeling a bit peckish after lunch, so I cleaned out this nearly-empty jar of peanut butter (this was the organic Costco PB).

A chocolate bar in its wrapping next to a glass of milk.

I also had some of this amazing “deep dark salted brown butter organic chocolate” from alter eco. And a glass of milk off to the side.

What I Ate Wednesday: supper! A chicken fajita with a glass of pink kombucha in the background.

For supper we had chicken fajitas. I can’t give you too many details because it’s a future recipe for PW. I also had a small glass of GT’s guava goddess kombucha. Esther Smith introduced me to this, and it’s my new favorite flavor!

Supplements: Cod liver oil, emu oil, and Vitamin K2/D3 drops.

I also took my cod liver oil, emu oil, and Vitamin D/K2 drops.

A very small piece of cheesecake on a small plate.


We had liiiiitle bit of leftover cheesecake from Reuben’s birthday party, so the kids and I split it. This was my tiny piece. I used the crust recipe from my lemon bars recipe (I cut out a bit of the sugar) and used the filling recipe from the King Arthur Flour Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bars recipe (I cut the sugar in half and used sour cream for the cream).

Not shown:

I also had a couple extra bites of fajita and chicken, and I licked a sour cream spoon clean.

So that’s everything I ate yesterday!



Sunday 25th of August 2019

I am also sad Simple Days is offline. I loved reading about your family and home building. But I totally get that it is hard to find the right balance in life and maintain privacy for your family when so much is shared to strangers on the internet. I hope you continue to share small family updates on Butter Side up.


Saturday 3rd of August 2019

Everything looks so yummy. You eat wonderfully! What happened to the Simple Days blog? I like seeing family and house updates!

Erica Kastner

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Thank you! I enjoy my food. :) I was starting feel kind of weird about sharing so much of my kids online. I'm thinking about relaunching Simple Days when I have the time (ha!) and have the focus be more on photography and home stuff (which was my original intent for that blog), and do more occasional kid stuff. It kind of morphed into a baby diary of sorts, and it's a lot of info. I'm just decided what I want to do, and putting it on hold for a little while. :)