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A Tea Party with Helen

Tea Party with Helen
The other day, I decided to have a tea party with Helen. She was feeling under the weather, and I thought it would be a good way to get her to drink some healing tea. Besides, she had spotted my fine china teacups in the cupboard and was begging me to let her use them.

Tea Party with Helen
I decided that my collection of bone china teacups (relics of my tea party obsession) had been sitting in the cupboard collecting dust long enough. I swung open the door and asked Helen which cup she wanted. Of course she chose my favorite cup of all time, which I've had since I was a teen.

In Season NOW: Vidalia Onions

Thanks to the Vidalia Onion Committee for sponsoring this post! All opinions are completely my own, of course!

All About Vidalia Onions
You guys, I'm so thrilled to be working with Vidalia Onions! I've been a fan for years, and I'm excited to tell you all about this fabulous sweet onion:

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What are Vidalia Onions?

The Vidalia was the original sweet onion. It has been grown for over 80 years: Back in Depression-Era Georgia, farmers discovered that the onions that they grew in the sandy Georgia soil weren't hot!
These days, to be labeled a true Vidalia, they must be grown in one of 20 counties in Georgia. The soil and conditions in Georgia are perfect for growing Vidalia onions: mild winters and low sulfur soil produce a sweet flavor. Basically, Vidalias are sweet onions, but not all sweet onions are Vidalias. I had no idea until recently that there was a difference! :)

6 Delicious Spring Recipes Perfect For The Season

Hey guys! I'd like to welcome Isadora Guidoni, who is a writer for homeyou. There she shares yummy-looking recipe roundups, and she has a lovely spring-themed one for us today. Take it away, Isadora!

With spring here and the warmer weather getting closer and closer, it’s time to try healthier recipes that will nourish you and your family while bringing an impressive party of flavors. These selected recipes celebrate spring with some delicious seasonal produce that makes every dish special and tasty. Check them out!

1. Spring Asparagus Quinoa Salad


To start this list, nothing says fresh produce like a tasty-looking salad! This colorful option from Garlic And Zest mixes quinoa, asparagus, radishes, peas, cucumber and olives for a flavorful salad dressed in a lemon shallot dressing. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Get the recipe!

Savory Dutch Baby Puff Pancake

Savory Dutch Baby Pancake
During the week, I basically make 2 breakfasts: some variation on eggs (scrambled, fried, omelette), or smoothies. The kids are usually starving when they get up and I have no time to dilly dally and make a fancy breakfast.

Savory Dutch Baby Pancake
(That's Jim's chubby little hand)

The weekend is another matter. I love spending a little extra time on breakfast and making something that I wouldn't have time for on a weekday. I'm willing to make the kiddos wait a bit for something special.

My favorite thing to make is Dutch babies (AKA German pancakes, oven pancakes, or puff pancakes). They make my heart sing because of the flavors, but they're a cinch to make. Win-win. 

Simply throw all of the batter ingredients into a blender and whizz it up, pour into a buttered pan, sprinkle on some toppings, pop it into the oven, sprinkle on some cheese, and wait patiently for it to be finished baking.

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