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What I Ate Wednesday: First Day of Sugar Free January 2020

Collage photo of what I ate in a day.

How are you all doing after your first week of Sugar Free January?

My first week of the challenge went fairly well. I definitely had my moments of craving sweets/desserts, and I felt on the verge of a headache and kind of cranky one day. I also had a couple of minor “cheats” over the weekend, which I’ll talk about more in my post at the end of Sugar Free January.

But for the most part it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

I decided to do a What I Ate Wednesday for y’all on the first day of SFJ. Here’s everything I ate that day:

Breakfast: a fried egg and a cherry smoothie.


I was planning on having egg, toast, and fruit, but Reuben made a cherry smoothie so I had that with a fried egg instead.

He made the smoothie with frozen sweet cherries, milk, cream, collagen peptides, and vanilla extract.

Leftover spaghetti and green peas in a bowl topped with butter and parmesan cheese.


For lunch we had leftover spaghetti bolognese (I used this sugar free canned spaghetti sauce) and green peas. I topped it with parmesan cheese and butter (of course).

Ashwagandha extract

Besides my other supplements, I also took my ashwagandha extract. It helps to support my adrenals.

Mushroom cocoa in a mug with latte art.


I made myself some mushroom hot cocoa to keep me going in the afternoon. The ingredients were:

I might have to share the exact recipe sometime!

Cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole in a bowl with a fork.


I made Healthier Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole for supper. Yum! Of course I topped it with grass-fed butter.

So that’s everything I ate!

I’m curious: what has been your go-to snack for Sugar Free January so far?


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

That conversation cloud on your cocoa is really great! I am inspired by your sugar free January, but skeptical that I can do it. Has!