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What I Ate Wednesday (12-21-2016)

What I Ate Wednesday is my documentation of what I ate in a day! You can see all of my WIAW posts HERE.
This week I decided to calculate how many calories I consumed. Stay tuned to the end to see my estimate!

BREAKFAST: Sunny-side-up egg, greens sauteed with bacon, 1/3 of a cutie, and cinnamon tea(<<So good!) with cream.

LUNCH: 2/3 of a small apple, 1 slice jack-style cheese, 1 slice brie cheese, carrot slices, 2 kalamata olives, sauerkraut, and a glass of whole milk.

SNACK: I went to my sister’s house in the afternoon, and made matcha for my sisters and myself. I also had a square of almond butter chocolate and a tiny bite of 85% chocolate.

SUPPER: A bowl of chicken & dumpling soup, a glass of whole milk, and my cod liver oil.

I also took my supplements (prenatal vitamins, magnesium, and desiccated liver).

NOW SHOWN: A couple of Reuben’s red wine vinegar chips + a few carrot slices from supper prep and one of Jim’s sweet potato slices.


I estimate that I consumed around 1900 calories, give or take 100 calories.

Keep in mind that I am 5 feet 2 inches, have a small frame, consume a high amount of fat, and I’m still nursing my baby.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I ate in a day!


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