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Organizing My Kitchen

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Organizing My Kitchen
I don’t believe I’ve ever shown y’all my kitchen!
I really like it. There’s so much counter space, and it has a very open layout. 
However, being a cooking enthusiast, I collect Many Things. Food props, appliances, ingredients, utensils…the list goes on and on (as Reuben could tell you).
This past year I’ve been into organizing my kitchen more efficiently. I’ve picked up a few products here and there that have helped me to keep my kitchen less cluttered. Let me show you what I’ve done so far!
Plus, I show you the parts of my kitchen that aren’t so organized… 
Organizing My Kitchen
Reuben recently installed some open shelves above my low counter. Now I have a place to store my cookbooks and a few miscellaneous items.
Organizing My Kitchen
A week or so ago I purchased this over-the-door trash bag dispenser. It’s handy to have the trash bags right there where you need them. Anything to keep a pregnant lady from having to bend over and claw in the cabinet for a new trash bag. 😉
Organizing My Kitchen
I know, I know, this drawer could still use some help. But after purchasing a few little boxes from the dollar store, I’ve been able to keep this drawer LESS chaotic.
Organizing My Kitchen
I also got these wire racks from Walmart (similar) to save space in the cupboard.
Organizing My Kitchen
They’re great for storing plates.
Organizing My Kitchen
Reuben recently picked up this larger rack for bigger items. LOVE it.
Organizing My Kitchen
I was getting really tired of trying to store my plastic wrap/parchment paper/wax paper in a drawer, so I bought this holder on Amazon. Loving it so far!
Organizing My Kitchen
And now for some areas that could still use work…like this corner cabinet. Ugh.
Organizing My Kitchen
And my OTHER corner cabinet. Avert your eyes!
Organizing My Kitchen
And my silverware drawer – ew! It makes me crazy just looking at it.
Do you guys have any tips for organizing corner cabinets and/or silverware drawers? I really need to tackle them…

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Wednesday 28th of February 2018

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Fred Richardson

Monday 4th of July 2016

I have been working with my wife to reorganize our kitchen, so I am looking at every resource I can find to help us through this process. Does anyone have any additional resources I may use in helping reorganize our kitchen space that are affordable?

Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

Arthur Bryant

Friday 26th of February 2016

Organization in the kitchen also adds to the ability to keep the kitchen free from germs. Disorganization makes it harder to clean off surfaces. Cleaning splashes that land in drawers or on cabinets becomes a little tough, too. Organizing the kitchen puts everything in its place, and this makes cleaning a whole lot simpler and way more thorough. That means less germs.

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express


Friday 12th of February 2016

For our utensil drawers, we have used adjustable bamboo organizers. You can find them at The Container Store, Target, and probably online at Amazon as well. We used a non slip liner underneath the tray for the ones that had a little space left at the top or bottom of the drawer.

Daniel Bruce

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Very smart ideas to give an adorable look with well organized on instruments of kitchen rooms. Especially proper usages of kitchen cabinets and other places to make a space are really excellent. I will share these ideas with my wife as these tips can be helpful for her as we redesigned our kitchen using new kitchen cabinets.