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Updated Grass-Fed Butter Review


As most of you already know, I’m a huge fan of grass-fed butter. Not only is it far superior in the nutrition department compared to conventional, it also tastes fantastic. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve tasted fresh bread, mashed potatoes, popcorn, etc. etc. topped with a great quality butter. It truly is so much better.

It used to be pretty hard to come by grass-fed butter in our town. Thankfully most stores now carry at least one brand of grass-fed butter if not more. Our local Walmart actually has 2 now! So if you’re discouraged because you think you can’t locate grass-fed butter, take another look. Some grocery stored are even willing to special order it for you. That’s what I did when I wanted to try out Anchor butter.

A few months ago I published a review of 5 different brands of grass-fed butter. Since writing that review I have found 3 more brands of grass-fed butter that I’d like to share with you! I’ll be delving into the taste, color, ingredients, price, and more!

Let’s get started.


The claim: “France’s #1 butter is made from high-quality cultured creams in the northwestern portion of France referred to as the “Grand Cru” of European dairy regions. Its oceanic climate, rich soil, and lush grass help produce butters that are distinctly rich and savory.”

I was curious if the cows are given GMO feed, so I contacted President butter and here’s what they said:

“[The] Cows are mostly grass fed. – When not fed grass what do they eat. Depending on the season the cows are fed grass, grass silage, corn silage, grain concentrates, concentrated protein-based grains (like soy, rapeseed meal or flax …) It is GMO free.”

Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, salt, cultures.

Salt: There isn’t a lot of information about this butter online, so I’m not sure exactly what kind of salt is used.


Color: I’d say that this butter is slightly more pale than Kerrygold (which I’ll be using as the standard in this post since it won in the color category in my previous review).


Here you can see what the butter looks like on the inside. Sometimes butter has a different color on the outside, so I cut off a chunk and turned it on its side so you guys can get an accurate picture of the difference in color.

Taste: President Butter is a cultured butter, so it has a bit of a tang to it. It’s definitely less tangy than either Organic Valley Pasture Butter or Anchor butter, so if you’re a cultured butter noob this might be perfect for getting your toes wet!

Availability: I have only seen this butter in Whole Foods. It isn’t available in our small town.

Price: This was very pricey at Whole Foods: $5.99 for half a pound! I’m sure you could find a better price at a different store…their Kerrygold was over a dollar more expensive than at our local Walmart.


The claim: “The cream used for Mountain View butter is produced by family farms that pasture-graze their dairy cattle on the foothills and valleys of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. These dairy cows have daily access to grass pastures and forage.
Mountain View butter is made from fresh rBST-free pasteurized cream. The New Zealand farmers ensure the milk used for Mountain View butter contains no preservatives, antioxidants or food additives.”
You can read more about Mountain View Butter HERE.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, salt.

Salt: No specific type of salt is specified, so I would assume it’s just “regular” salt.

Color: This definitely surprised me: the Mount View butter was actually more yellow than Kerrygold!

Taste: This butter doesn’t have a super distinct flavor. Just straight-up yummy butter. 🙂

Availability: Our local Walmart caries this butter, so I would assume it’s pretty easy to find nationwide.

Price: I think it was $3.44/half pound, but I’ll make sure to check next time we’re in Walmart.

Vital Farms Alfresco Butter

The claim: “Small herds of suitable breeds (Jerseys and Guernseys for example) are tended by experienced American family farmers on well-managed lands.  They are free to graze every day, and supply a rich, high-fat milk that is just right coming off the farm.”

This butter isn’t completely GMO-free. Vital Farms states: “Grass foraged from pasture is the primary component of our cows’ diet.  While they are free to graze as much as they like, due to seasonality and weather, some of our farmers choose at times to supplement their diet with other feedstuffs including some grain (much of which is non-gmo).”

I think it’s pretty cool that the milk is mostly from Jerseys or Guernseys. Also, this butter is very high in butterfat: 85%. You can read more about Vital Farms butter HERE.

Ingredients: Cream (milk) and sea salt.

Salt: Sea salt is listed, but I assume it’s refined.

Color: In the picture it’s coming off as more yellow than Kerrygold, but in real life it looked similar or slightly lighter.

Taste: Again, this butter didn’t have a super distinct flavor, but it was still good. But not as good as Kerrygold…

Availability: I have only seen this as Wholefoods, but some Targets carry Vital Farms products.

Price: Again, I can’t remember exactly how much this cost, but I’m pretty sure it was in the $3.50-$4.00 range. I’ll check next time I get to a Wholefoods. (Edit: I checked and it’s $4.39 at Wholefoods)

So, are any of these grass-fed butters worth buying?

Well, you know me: I love to try different butters, so of course I think it’s worth it.

But if I were to choose one of the three to try, I would say the Mountain View butter is most worth it. It was a deep yellow color, it was available at Walmart, and it was the most affordable of the three. The President butter is still fun to try because it has the zippy cultured taste. And I’m pretty impressed that most of the cows that produce cream for Vital Farms are either Jerseys or Guernseys.

So give ’em all a try if you can!

I personally still buy Kerrygold most often because it’s the most affordable grass-fed butter in our area. And it tastes the best.

What’s YOUR personal favorite butter?


Saturday 6th of April 2024

I recently learned of butter being the x-factor. Basically, if prepared properly and from grass-fed cows, it completes castor oil's benefits by supplying a much needed fat soluble vitamin K2 as MK-4. You can find out more at [Weston A. Price]. Very interesting and has me in the search of the best tasting butter oil, as it's called when prepared without heating. You might consider, updating, your Updated Grass Fed Butter Review to include Green Pastures Butter oil. I suffer with Osteoporosis and never once has one of my many doctors mentioned the benefits, or need for vitamin K2 as MK4. Go Butter!!

Eileen Patterson

Monday 9th of October 2023

If you are located along the east coast, you can get A2/A2 grass fed butter delivered from Miller's Bio Farm located in PA. It is incredible quality and flavor!


Friday 18th of November 2022

SO dang thrilled to happen upon your 'butter blogs' Erica🌼I've been making lots of butter bombs these days, & buying a wide variety of butter. One of them is another New Zealand brand called "Westgold", also touted as "grassfed"& is the first one I've tried that actually tastes quite grassy to be. It's a bit off-putting, although it might just be that it's so different from the others I've experienced. I also bought unsalted, because I like adding my own salt~ usually Redmond's or Malden's. As far as availability, I found it at the commissary on Fort Huachuca AFB, but Google tells me it's sold at Walmart as well. Would be interested to hear what you think of it. *Along with a grassy taste, it almost has a slight metallic or chemical type edge to it, imho. Grateful to the comment section for their own favorite butter brands~ now I have a few more to look for & try. Thanks everyone!👍💡🧈~Samantha in AZ


Sunday 21st of May 2023

@Erica Kastner,

Did you ever tried or reviewd le Gall salted?

Erica Kastner

Monday 21st of November 2022

Glad you're here! :) I've actually tried out Westgold since it's sold at my local Walmart! I've only purchased it one other time, so I can't give an official opinion on the taste. Here's what their websites states about being grass-fed: "The cows live on farms which operate on a pastoral (grass-fed) basis. The New Zealand dairy herd is predominantly a grass-fed herd, but the availability of fresh green grass will vary throughout spring, summer and autumn. Farmers may choose to supplement with dried or semi-dried forms of grass (hay, silage) or other options such as grains." So it doesn't give a percentage of the amount of time spent on grass.


Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Hello! I purchase a lot of Kerrygold and Vital Farms butter. However, I have a local state supplier from Russellville, KY that supplies me with milk and cream. While I cannot get raw, I have heard gently pasteurized milk is a healthier alternative. I am paying more attention not to what the cows eat, but how the items are actually processed. Most milk is heated to kill all the goodness. I have thoughts of just making my own butter with the cream I get or buying butter I found on Azure Standard. Have you tried the Sierra Nevada European Butter?

I know you have tried the Rumiano butter, but I believe one of the reasons I might start buying butter and cheese from these two companies on Azure Standard, is not because of the taste and cost, but because they are grass fed, they offer raw cheeses (anything pasteurized is only done to 165 degrees for a few seconds although I prefer 145 degrees, so they also seem to care about preserving the nutrition value) and they have higher butter fat content. And while I LOVE Kerrygold, I am getting tired of the continuous increase in their price for butter that is only 80% grass fed, I think we should definitely try to preserve family businesses as much as we can. I wish every community could have it's own dairy provider; maybe one day we will! LOL

Thanks so much for the reviews!!


Thursday 7th of April 2022

I heard from a nutrition counselor that the grass the cows feed on for the KerryGold has pesticides. :(