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Grandma’s Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte

This was originally posted on May 27, 2010 on Cooking for Seven. Because these lessons were such an important part of my life, I will be re-posting them here.
{Grandma’s Cooking School is my chronicles of the informal cooking lessons that my Grandma graciously decided to give us girls. Enjoy!}

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
This cake is my favorite.  The batter is not too sweet, the custard filling is so rich, and the whipped cream frosting is perfect.

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
Here’s a tip from Grandma: soak your poppy seeds in milk overnight.

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
What’s the secret to this cake’s light texture? Egg whites – beaten and folded into the batter.

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
Grandma cut a pretty round of wax paper for the cake to rest on.

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
The custard. Oh, the custard! And the frosting. Oh my.

Grandma's Cooking School: Poppy Seed Torte
The finished cake. We were a little impatient and filled the cake before the custard was set. Oh well.

Poppy Seed Torte
This is the best part: sharing our creations with Dad. He is always so happy to taste our desserts at coffee break.
When I asked Grandma if I could share the recipe for Poppy Seed Torte with you, she quietly but firmly refused. I’m sorry to tease you, but Grandma has spoken!

Edited in 2014 to add: Here is a recipe online that’s quite similar to the one my Grandma uses. She leaves out the nuts.

**Next Time on Grandma’s Cooking School: Homemade Bread & Cinnamon Rolls**

Erica Lea

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

It was a whipped cream frosting. :)


Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

I'm making the similar cake you provided the link for, but that cake has no frosting! What kind of frosting did you use on this poppyseed torte?


Friday 2nd of May 2014

I love these photos with your grandma's hands. So, so special. I'm disappointed not to have the recipe after you described the cake so lusciously, but thanks for a link to a similar one. Is the whipped cream frosting made with whipped cream?


Monday 28th of April 2014

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Monday 28th of April 2014

Hi Erica!I've followed your old blog since even before you posted this original lesson. I remember when it first showed up a lot of people were angry that your grandmother wouldn't share the recipe! I think some people didn't understand these were special lessons with your sisters, "gifts" from your grandmother, and not done originally as a display for the internet (although we LOVED that you shared the lessons with us). I was thrilled that in reposting you shared a similar recipe so that we could make the torte at home! Just wanted to say thank you!

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