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Grain Free Waffles + Life Lately

Gluten Free and Grain Free Waffles - these waffles are not only gluten and grain free, they also contain ZERO flour. No almond flour, no chickpea flour, no arrowroot...just a weird ingredient that acts like flour! Click to learn more...
Whew! It has been a wonderful, busy month.

I took an online course, wrote an e-book, attended my sister’s birth (it’s a girl!), and tried to keep up with household/mom stuff all at the same time (and almost went crazy in the process).

Reina Lise

^^The adorable Reina!^^

It has been a stretching experience to say the least. My brain was ready to explode several times with all of the things I had to keep track of. I am quite ready for calmer waters.

Would I have to hand over my mom card if I hired someone to wash all of my zillions of dishes?

Gluten and Grain Free Waffles | Buttered Side Up

Because I have been trying to be extra healthy after giving birth (growing a baby and then feeding that baby with your body certainly takes its toll on me), I have been experimenting with alternative forms of flours. I stumbled upon one that’s quite good and is completely grain free.

To learn about the secret ingredient in these waffles (and get the recipe) head on over to The Pioneer Woman’s blog!