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Cooking Inspiration

It feels like a looong time since I last posted, even though it was just last week. I have been caught up in present mania (trying to figure out what to buy for my family). I’m planning to make some food for y’all soon. Please bear with me during the holidays.

Here are some things I’ve been cooking lately. Hopefully it provides you with some inspiration!

Biscuits + Gravy
Biscuits and Gravy. One of my all-time favorite meals. I need to share the recipe here on Buttered Side Up.
Beef Stew
Beef Stew. So hearty and satisfying. Another one I need to share here.
Breakfast for Supper
Almond Flour Pancakes
Breakfast for supper! It’s one of my favorite things to cook when I don’t know what else to make.
We LOVE us some hashbrowns around here. Nice and crispy with a bit of ketchup. Mmhmm. And you can’t go wrong with bacon.
I also tried my hand at almond flour pancakes. The flavor is amazing.
Curry + Soft Boiled Egg
Red curry noodles with soft-boiled eggs. I finally figured out how to make perfect soft boiled eggs! I’ll have to share my method with you guys sometime…

Shrimp Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
I made shrimp stuffed portobello mushrooms for the Good Life Eats blog. Get the recipe HERE.
Shrimp Soup
With the leftover ingredients from the stuffed mushrooms I made some shrimp soup. It was delicious!
What sorts of delicious things have you been cooking/eating lately?

Emily Collie

Tuesday 17th of June 2014

I'd also love the recipe for the Red Curry Noodles & Soft Boiled Eggs - looks delicious!


Friday 7th of February 2014

I'd also love the recipe for the Red Curry Noodles & Soft Boiled Eggs as soon as you have a few moments to post it :)


Friday 7th of February 2014

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Thursday 16th of January 2014

Hi! I'm from Barcelona! I have been following your blog Simple Days for the past months and I've just discovered this one and I also love it. I'm expecting the recipe for your noodles and soft-boiled eggs someday :)


Wednesday 8th of January 2014

Your beef stew looks perfect! Yes; we would love to see your recipe!