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6 Delicious Spring Recipes Perfect For The Season

Hey guys! I’d like to welcome Isadora Guidoni, who is a writer for homeyou. There she shares yummy-looking recipe roundups, and she has a lovely spring-themed one for us today. Take it away, Isadora!

With spring here and the warmer weather getting closer and closer, it’s time to try healthier recipes that will nourish you and your family while bringing an impressive party of flavors. These selected recipes celebrate spring with some delicious seasonal produce that makes every dish special and tasty. Check them out!

1. Spring Asparagus Quinoa Salad

To start this list, nothing says fresh produce like a tasty-looking salad! This colorful option from Garlic And Zest mixes quinoa, asparagus, radishes, peas, cucumber and olives for a flavorful salad dressed in a lemon shallot dressing. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Get the recipe!

2. Deconstructed Manicotti Skillet with Zucchini Noodles

Source: Inspiralized
For a Spring dinner option to celebrate the season, this gluten-free Manicotti Skillet with Zucchini Noodles from Inspiralized is good choice. The meal combines zucchini, diced tomatoes, spinach and cheese with a sauce made with basil for extra freshness. This recipe is a good side-dish for any meal while also being a tasty dinner on it’s own!

3. Fajita Chicken Kebabs

Source: Well Plated
There’s nothing better than kebabs to welcome the grilling season. Who doesn’t love them? This healthy dish by Well Plated combines marinated chicken in a party of spices and lime juice while adding bell peppers and onions to the mix. It only takes one hour to prepare the whole meal (including marinating time), making it a great dinner option.  

4. Moroccan Chicken Skillet


Why not bring a little bit of Morocco into your kitchen? This recipe by Food Faith Fitness combines a Moroccan-inspired chicken dish with a bunch of seasonal veggies into a nutritious meal. This one-pan meal only takes 30-min to prepare, making it a good option for a busy weeknight dinner.

5. Asparagus Lemon Risotto

Asparagus is a must-have every spring, and this recipe by Garlic Matters brings a creative touch to it. With just 40 minutes to prepare, this meal combines a party of fresh flavors in a versatile dish. If you usually find asparagus a bit overpowering, you should give this recipe a try. The asparagus pairs perfectly with lemon, creating a simple combination that sounds delicious.

6. Gluten-Free Sausage and Veggie Pasta


This recipe by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen combines sausage with healthy veggies in a gluten-free dish that everybody can enjoy! The best part is that you can make it using only one pot, making it an easy and quick meal that serves a crowd.
What do you think of these recipes? Which of these spring meals is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your opinion!

Article written by Isadora Guidoni, also a writer for, where you can find decor and remodeling ideas, and professional contractors for any home improvement project. You can check more on Pinterest.


Monday 19th of March 2018

Oh those sound absolutely amazing! I want to try that one!

Erica Lea

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017's been too long since I've had kebabs!

Mary Frances

Friday 19th of May 2017

I have to say my mouth is watering by all of it, the kabobs especially! Yum!