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Winner of the Lost My Name Giveaway + Phone Friday

Teabag Shortbread Cookies + A Tea Party With Helen
And the winner of the Lost My Name giveaway is…

*Drum roll*

Lynsey, who won by commenting on the post:

“My nephew Jack would love the book.”

I have contacted Lynsey with details about her prize: The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name book!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway, and to Lost My Name for sponsoring it!

Phone Friday


Where I share some casual photos from my phone.

This is often what work looks like for me. My photography setup is super profesh (heh). I’m very happy that I (finally) purchased a top-down tripod – it makes my life a lot easier.

James is usually super keen on getting a hold of my reflector, or standing up on my tripod. #momlife

Phone Friday
I got me some “hipster” glasses! I finally went to the eye doctor and got my prescription. It’s not super strong, but it makes seeing road signs a bit easier.

Not sure what I think of these big glasses yet…my nephew said they look cute. 😀

Phone Friday
We love lingonberry jam/preserves during the holidays. You can use it in place of cranberry sauce, or spread it on toast. Mmmm…

Phone Friday
You guys. This is the best. cheese. ever. Red Storm by Snowdonia. So very flavorful. Definitely give it a try if you ever see it at the store!

Phone Friday
Breakfast Pizza! It doesn’t look super pretty, but it tastes wonderful. I made an einkorn flour crust topped with butter, a white sauce, Swiss and cheddar cheese, breakfast sausage, eggs, and greens. I may have to share the recipe sometime…

Phone Friday
Can you believe that this was my first cocoa of the season?! I’m heartily ashamed of myself. 😉

Phone Friday
Helen loves cocoa as well.

“It’s comfy eating this, Mom.”

So there’s a peek into my life lately. What have y’all been up to?

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