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What I Ate Wednesday (10-14-15)

Note: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

What I Ate Wednesday is my chronicles of what I eat every Wednesday. You can see all of the posts by clicking HERE.


Breakfast: Strawberry smoothie. I know it’s not very seasonal, but I’ve been craving smoothies lately. This was made with frozen strawberries, milk, cream, half a banana, vanilla extract, and collagen powder (get it for $14 cheaper on Thrive Market). I may have thrown some plain yogurt in as well – I can’t remember.


Lunch: My sister offered to let us eat lunch with her and her kids because she was making fresh bread. Of course we agreed! I had cinnamon-sugar bread, apples, grapefruit, and cheese: havarti, gouda, and gjetost.


Snack:  Lindt Dark chocolate with sea salt. This is one of my favorite chocolate bars. So smooth.


Supper: Pan-fried salmon with Coconut Teriyaki Sauce, pan-fried Brussels sprouts, and couscous. I also put butter on my couscous.

Drinks: I had a few sips of blueberry kombucha throughout the day. My sister also made me a cup of coffee (with cream and syrup, of course).

Other snacks: I had an apple in the evening because I was feeling nauseated. I also had a few bites of Reuben’s Grapenuts.