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Thrive Market Haul

In this Thrive Market Haul I share everything I got, plus my estimated savings!
I recently made a fairly large purchase from Thrive, and I though y’all might be interested in what I got!

I’m a bit addicted to watching other people’s healthy grocery hauls, so of course I wanted to make one myself. 🙂 Hope you enjoy watching!

You can read more of the details about what I got below.

*Links are affiliate. If you click on one and sign up to become a paid member of Thrive I will earn a commission. This has zero impact on the price you pay, and it helps to keep Buttered Side Up running. Thank you for your support!

Thrive Market Haul


As you can tell, I’m a tiny bit obsessed with tortilla chips. Heh heh…

Jackson’s Honest Lime Tortilla Chips – I LOVE lime-flavored chips, so of course I had to give these a try. I’m a huge fan of the Jackson’s Honest brand because they use coconut oil to fry their chips!

Jackson’s Honest Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips – I wanted to give these a try because sprouting grains helps them to be more digestible.

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips – These are great when you’re craving something sweet.

SeaSnax Lime Seaweed Snacks – The kids and I love these! They use organic extra virgin olive oil.

Jackson’s Honest Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips – A good old standby. I got two bags to have on hand for those emergency moments when you’re invited to a gathering and have NOTHING to bring. Chips + guac = problem solved.

Thrive Market Haul


Organic Popcorn – We are HUGE popcorn fans in this house. It’s a tradition to make a batch of buttered popcorn for while we watch American Ninja Warrior. I’m pretty proud of my popcorn-making skills. But the popcorn we were buying from our local healthfood store was tasting stale. Yuck. This one is wonderful – no more insipid popcorn!

Real Salt – We only use unrefined salt in our house. I love Real Salt because it’s an affordable option (we go through salt very quickly). It’s much cheaper to buy it on Thrive than either Amazon or our local health food store.

Thrive Raw Honey – this was free with purchase! I love how Thrive always has a deal going – either a free product, free shipping, or an extra percent off of your order.

Organic Vanilla Extract – we run through the vanilla extract super quick. This size (in a different brand) of vanilla extract (4 oz) is a whopping $15 at our local healthfood store! It was only $7.45 on Thrive. So I got 2.

Jovial Diced Tomatoes – I lovelovelove Jovial products! They’re the only brand that I’ve seen that offers diced tomatoes in glass jars.

Organic Rice Vinegar – I use this to make marinades, salad dressing, and sushi!

Organic Sucanat – Sucanat is one of the least refined cane sugars on the market. It retains all of the natural molasses and vitamins and minerals. I want to experiment more with baking with it instead of my go-to Florida Crystals.

Organic Peppercorns – I really enjoy freshly cracked black pepper for seasoning my food. I couldn’t find these at our local healthfood store, so of course I hit up Thrive instead.

Somehow these didn’t make it into the photo:

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo – This is a really great commercial mayo. Most ones you find at the store are made with cheap industrial oils such and soy or “vegetable” oil. Yuck. Primal Kitchen is made with all avocado oil and organic cage-free eggs! Woohoo! I got 2 jars because it’s such an awesome price on Thrive ($7.45 vs $11+ at our local healthfood store!).

Red Boat Fish Sauce – A couple of years ago I accidentally smashed my bottle of Red Boat Fish Sauce. I finally got around to replacing it! It only contains two ingredients: anchovies and salt! It’s made the traditional way: slow aged in barrels for a year.

Kelp Granules – Kelp is very high in iodine, which I wonder if I’m deficient in. This brand was organic and MUCH more affordable than another brand I was looking at.

Thrive Market HaulMiscellaneous

I also picked up a face mask. I’ve always wanted to try out a sheet face mask, but they usually have some kind of scary ingredients. This one from Andalou Naturals is more natural.

So my savings from shopping on Thrive instead of Amazon were $70+

I didn’t calculate the items that weren’t available on Amazon, and the ones that were ridiculously expensive ($33+ shipping on Amazon vs $2.95 on Thrive for vinegar seemed like too much of a disparity to count). For the really expensive ones I calculated by using the price on Azure vs Thrive.

So to purchase these things on Amazon could have easily been $100 more than what I paid on Thrive.

If you’re interested in trying out Thrive yourself, sign up through my link to get 25% off your first order + FREE shipping!

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Monday 10th of July 2017

Can you do a post about different kinds of unprocessed sugar, please? I've been asking other well known health blogs and so far, no response