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Kitchen Haul

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Kitchen Haul
When my sisters and I took a trip to the cities a couple of weekends ago, I made a pretty good kitchen/food haul. 
The first place we stopped to shop was World Market and I went hog-wild.
I picked up a couple of shallow ramekins, a mini ramekin, and a mini wooden bowl.
Kitchen Haul
I also got a couple of 100% linen napkins (love that purple color!), a metal-handled spatula, a set of elongated measuring spoons (I’ve always wanted some), and these cute little spoons.
Kitchen Haul
We also stopped by IKEA, and I got this adorable set of label stickers.
Kitchen Haul
I also get a set of small glasses there. Can’t go wrong with $2.99 for a package of 6, eh?
Kitchen Haul
I also stocked up on some pantry items:
At World Market I got some Devonshire cream (I’ve always wanted to try the real deal) and organic ramen noodles (just noodles, no soup packet).
At IKEA I bought some blueberry and lingonberry jam and fried onions.
I did a bit of grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and also picked up some Go Raw “cookies” for Helen.
At Trader Joe’s I picked up some cocoa powder and their Harvest Blend Herbal Tea.
Kitchen Haul
I got some pasture-raised eggs at Whole Foods. I have to admit that the packaging alone would be enough to convince me to buy these. 😉
Kitchen Haul
I bought two packages of the Trader Joe’s puff pastry because I CANNOT find natural puff pastry in our town. Now I have to decide what to make with it…
Kitchen Haul
I’ve really been enjoying the Harvest Blend tea from Trader Joe’s. It’s so autumnal.
And there’s my haul from out trip to the cities.
Is there anything I just HAVE to get next time I go to Trader Joe’s? Give me your recommendations in the comments!


Thursday 19th of November 2015

Everything you bought is lovely! It's only recently that we've lived close enough to a TJ's to shop there, and I am loving it and wishing I could do all my grocery shopping there instead of picking and choosing what to send my husband there for on the way home from work, that can reasonably be carried home on the subway. It is by far the most affordable place for groceries in NYC, especially for natural foods. I don't want to get distracted by the 'organic junk food' but my husband had to bring snacks to an event recently and came home with leftover dark chocolate covered pretzel crisps. They were to die for. I resisted when I was there last week, but for a special treat, they are amazing - a really nice chocolate to pretzel ratio! (Lots of dark chocolate, so nice with the salty pretzel!) And very clean for a packaged dessert. Otherwise the things I get excited about there are just because of the prices on staples...I don't get to explore enough!


Monday 16th of November 2015

I don't get the excitement over the stuff.

Esther Hicklin

Thursday 12th of November 2015

I love the Trader Joes pound plus chocolate bars! The dark chocolate one is the only chocolate I use in baking, it makes the best chocolate chunk cookies. Their flower selection is always beautiful and reasonably priced too. And I love my IKEA glasses, you did well getting out of IKEA with only two things!


Thursday 12th of November 2015

We just bought ramen noodles for the first time ever (non-biological, I'm afraid). I find it so beautiful how they come in little bundles with a pretty piece pf paper to keep each portion together. It's like a piece of art.

Erica Lea

Thursday 12th of November 2015

Mmmm...that pear vinaigrette sounds lovely! I'm not a huge carbonated water fan, but I love mandarin orange!