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What I Ate Wednesday (9-30-15)

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Breakfast: leftover raspberry clafoutis + tea. I've been enjoying the Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice, but I wish it was a bit stronger in flavor.

Lunch: leftover Caesar salad, fried egg, and toast. I've been liking the Silver Hills Sprouted Grain bread. I like that it's made with sprouted grains (as the name implies), and it's oil-free. Now, that might sound strange coming from a fat-loving butter addict, but most breads contain oils that I prefer to avoid. I'd much rather slather my toast with butter.  

Snack #1: Apple + peanut butter. I knew we were going to have supper a bit later than usual, so I had a little something to help tide me over.

Snack 2
Snack #2: My sister and I were making supper at my family's house, and I was starving when we got there. So I had a snack of homemade bread and cinnamon-sugar.

Snack 3
Snack #3: We were making chicken pot pie, and I used the pie crust trimmings to make cinnamon-sugar crust sticks. So of course I had to sample a couple.

Supper: Homemade chicken pot pie! Delicious.

Dessert: Homemade apple pie with whipped cream. So so good. I used lard to make the crust.

So now you know what I ate in a day!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?


  1. It all looks delicious! I would love a recipe for the apple pie and crust, if you wouldn't mind sharing. :)

  2. Your chicken pot pie looks fabulous - that's one of my favorites.

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