March 2017 - Buttered Side Up

Which Grass-Fed Butter is the Best? - A Review of 5 Grass-Fed Butters

It's no secret to those that know me well that I'm a butter fanatic. And I'm a grass-fed butter fanatic in particular.  

I have been accused of having 5 different kinds of butter in my refrigerator at once. I took it as a compliment. And I bring my own butter when my family has me over for dinner - I don't like to be judged on the (massive) amount of butter I put on my potatoes...

Since I enjoy butter so much, I thought I'd share and compare some of my favorite brands with y'all and let you know which one I personally think is the best. 

We'll be looking at taste, color, ingredients, price, and more!

Let's dive in.

Korean Inspired Shrimp Rice Bowls

Hey friends! Today I'm joining forces with Sizzlefish to bring you this recipe! I'm working with them because they offer wild seafood, which is really important to me. They sent me this shrimp to share with y'all. Hope you enjoy!

Spicy Korean Shrimp Rice Bowl Recipe
Over the past few years, I have fallen madly in love with Korean cuisine.

The flavors are bold and spicy and exciting. There is a great variety and diversity of dishes, so you're bound to find something you enjoy, no matter your tastes.

After making some of the classic recipes such as bibimbap and japchae, I have started to experiment with adding Korean flavors to my everyday cooking. I like to add gochujang and other Korean ingredients to my scrambled eggs, soups, etc.

Homemade London Fog (Earl Grey) Latte

Homemade London Fog (Lavender Earl Grey) Latte
I feel like there's something kind of posh about Earl Grey tea. It's most likely because of the name. It's just fun to say.

Homemade London Fog (Lavender Earl Grey) Latte
Early grey tea is a black tea that is flavored with bergamot orange oil. It has a distinct flavor which is better experienced than described.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake - a ridiculously easy dessert that is super flavorful.
Is it spring yet? Hmmm?

Northern Minnesota weather has been such a tease this year. It was sunny and in the 50s on Sunday, but the forecast this week is in the teens and twenties. Right now it's snowing and blowing outside.

I think my mind and body are just so done with the cold. I'm trying to stay grateful for it all, but I long for warm, bright spring days filled with woodsy walks and flowers.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake - a ridiculously easy dessert that is super flavorful.
Citrus fruits have become one of the highlights of winter food for me. Their tart-sweet flavor and bright colors make the dreary days more cheerful.

I have long heard of citrus and olive oil pairing well together, and I'll sometimes enjoy orange slices with extra virgin olive oil and fresh-cracked black pepper. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I have also seen olive oil cakes for years, and wondered if they were any good.

This winter Pomora sent me some of their olive oils to test out. It was the perfect excuse to pair winter citrus with olive oil in a cake!

How to Make a Matcha Latte + My Favorite Brands

When I first heard about matcha (and saw the price tag), I thought, “Well, shucks. I can make that myself by opening a bag of green tea and grinding it in the coffee grinder!”

I was severely disappointed. And for good reason.

Matcha powder is so much more than ground-up green tea leaves. It is delicately grown, harvested, and processed. The result is a beautiful, deep, rich flavor. Yes, it does have grassy undertones, but a good matcha isn’t overly bitter.

If you’d like to get into drinking green tea, I highly recommend starting with matcha. And a matcha latte is the ultimate treat.

If you'd like to learn how to make the most amazing-tasting matcha latte, head on over to the Pioneer Woman's blog to get my step-by-step directions.

Now, the thing about Matcha is you NEED to purchase the right kind if you'd like to avoid lead and pesticides. 

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