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What I Ate Wednesday (10-6-16)

Last Wednesday I was busy taking care of my sister after she had her baby. So I wasn't able to photograph my What I Ate Wednesday on an actual Wednesday like I had planned.

So here's what I ate last Thursday:

What I Ate Wednesday- Breakfast


Eggnog smoothie: frozen banana, whole milk, cream, collagen peptides, vanilla extract, and 2 pinches of nutmeg. I love this smoothie. 

What I Ate Wednesday- Lunch


Wasa sourdough cracker spread with Kerrygold butter (I only had unsalted butter so I added some Himalayan salt. Mmmmm...), homemade lacto-fermented pickles, organic carrots, Gouda cheese, Jackson's Honest sweet potato chips, and a glass of whole milk.

What I Ate Wednesday- Snack


Unsweetened Matcha latte and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.

What I Ate Wednesday- Supper


Wild mayo salmon, bone broth rice topped with Kerrygold butter, and boiled beets. Guys, I've been a beet hater my whole life. But I decided to give them another chance. And they were really okay! 

What I Ate Wednesday- Evening Snack


Organic popcorn topped with Organic Valley cultured butter and Real Salt.


Besides what is shown in the pictures, I also ate a bite of Reuben's cornflakes, and an extra bite of sweet potato chips, pumpkin cake, and rice. Hey, I get hungry!

So that's everything I ate last Thursday! What did YOU eat yesterday? Leave a comment and let me know!

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