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Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban Inspired Sandwich
If I'm going to eat a sandwich, I like to go all out. Because I'm trying to not eat too many grains these days, when I do indulge, I like to make sure it's WORTH IT.

This Cuban sandwich is totally worth it in the cheating department. It has a lot going on, but it all goes together so well.

Cuban Inspired Sandwich 14

Pulled pork, ham, sour and salty pickles, and a mustard-mayonnaise sauce. Mmhmm. You can also add some cheese if you like (Swiss is most traditional).

I used my crockpot pulled pork recipe, Applegate ham, Woodstock pickles, and Sir Kensington mayonnaiseAnd I used this 40-minute bun recipe.

Get the full recipe and step-by-step photos for these Cuban-Inspired Sandwiches over on The Pioneer Woman's blog!

Cuban Inspired Sandwich: Pulled pork, ham, pickles, and a mustard mayonnaise sauce. Mmhmm.

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  1. What a tasty looking sandwich Erica. :-D
    I have made pulled pork with your recipe and it is easy to make and it's very good.
    I plan on making these little guys for a get together with friends, wish me luck! LOL!

    1. So glad you like my pulled pork recipe! Hope you had good luck with the sandwiches. :)


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