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Mock Devonshire (Clotted) Cream

Mock Devonshire Cream | Buttered Side Up
When I was a teen, my sisters and friends and I were OBSESSED with tea parties. Now, if you read up about English teas, you come to realize that Devonshire (clotted) cream is a staple. But here in 'Merica it's not so easy to procure, and it's VERY expensive.

Thankfully, my eldest sister found a recipe for Mock Devonshire Cream. We became a wee bit addicted to it. We served it not only with scones, but with quick breads as well. I remember my dad asking hopefully, when I told him I had made banana bread, if I had made some of that white spread to go on top.

Mock Devonshire Cream | Buttered Side Up

If you're a scone lover, you definitely need to give this recipe a try. There'll be no going back.


  1. Clotted cream is nothing like this! It's just very thick, fatty cream. It's got no cheese taste and the mouthfeel is nothing like butter.

    If you can't get hold if it easily, the best sub would be some soft peaked whipped cream - just plain.

    1. Interesting! I tried some jarred Devonshire cream, and it had a bit of a tangy, nutty flavor, and it was thicker than whipped cream. Perhaps it wasn't a good representation of the real thing. I'd like to try making actual clotted cream sometime!


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