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How To Follow Me on Social Media


I feel like different social media channels have different purposes and vibes, and therefore attract different kinds of people. For example, Snapchat is quite casual, but Instagram is a little more polished. 

Here's a quick guide to following me on social media:


If you only like to see pretty, styled photos, this is the place for you! I'm a bit more selective with what I share here. I post about once a day on Instagram, so you won't be inundated with updates from me.
Username: @ericaleakastner

My Facebook page tends to be pretty much business-only. I occasionally share more real-life stuff, but for the most part I only do post announcements or share another blogger's recipe that looks yummy.


I'm just starting out on Snapchat, but it's really fun! You get to see snapshots of what other people's lives are like. I'm definitely more casual on Snapchat. The other day I talked about the haircut that almost made me cry. If you don't want to see me in my PJs, stay away! My username is: ericaleakastner

This one I run almost exactly like I run my Facebook page, except I don't really post things from my life like: ever. If you want just the facts, ma'am, this is the place for you!


On Twitter I tend to let my hair down a little more. I'll post the occasional rant and share less stylized photos. Of course I always share when a new post is published. 

Pinterest isn't technically a social media channel, but you can still get updates when I post something new there! I share delicious-looking recipes from other bloggers, pretty clothes, awesome kitchens, cute kids, and much more. My favorite board is my Kitchen Wish List.

What's YOUR favorite social media platform? Why?


  1. I don't use social media anymore...a bad experience and just annoyance at the whole thing drove me away.

    1. I hear ya, girl! I want to keep up with friends and family on Facebook, but it's gotten so convoluted lately that I can't even keep up! How was your experience bad?

    2. I'll just say that people can hide behind social media. They have no problem doing things on the internet that they would never do in real life. I prefer quality face to face time :)

    3. I think that social media is just another thing that has helped our culture turn the way its going. Posting the next picture has become more important than spending quality time with a spouse or child or parent or sibling or friend. And honestly, a lot of what gets posted (I'm not saying this is you, just people in general) is totally pointless, a waist of time. Do I really care if you got DD instead of Starbucks? Do I really care that your nails are chipping? Now, I'm not saying that all social media use is bad, I'm just saying that its like everything else. Moderation is key. I'd just encourage everyone reading this that before you post or scroll, think! Is there something more worthwhile you should be doing? Cooking a nutritious meal for your family, or for yourself. Spending some face to face time with a loved one. Doing laundry? Scrubbing the toilet? Good old-fashioned determination to have a clean and inviting home has gone out the window, because with the invention of social media, people don't just drop by for a visit anymore. Instead we have face time, in which you can choose what to have as your backdrop.

      Anyway, thanks for allowing me to rant.

    4. Yes, it's sad that people think that they can be mean on the internet. I've definitely made my share of faux pas on the internet, but it's hard for me to understand people intentionally being mean.

    5. I agree - social media can definitely detract from time spent with our loved ones. I think it's a fine leisure activity, but if you can't look away from your phone for one second and have a meaningful conversation with someone, there might be a problem. And it's not just social media that's the problem: games can be very addicting as well. :)

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with social media - especially Instagram. I love using it, but I hate the spam! I'll get 10 new followers a day and lose them all if I don't follow back in a few hours, which of course I won't do unless I love the content! IG is definitely my favorite thing to post to though. I only use Facebook for keeping up with old friends and Twitter is for promoting blog posts. I've yet to try Snapchat though - partly because I don't understand how to use it and partly because my phone doesn't have the space!

    Maybe I'm just getting old lol.

    P.S. I always love seeing a new pic on your IG feed. :):):)

    1. Same here! I love sharing pretty pictures, but I can get overwhelmed by it all very quickly. And yes, so frustrating that I gain quite a few new followers on IG, only to lose them soon afterwards. :/

      Yeah, I thought I was too old for Snapchat (WHY do they make it so difficult to figure out?), but a fellow food blogger talked about it and it convinced me to give it a shot. :)

      Thank you so much! Hearing that you enjoying my IG photos encourages me to keep on keeping on. :)


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