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What I Ate Wednesday

Here is the start of a new series on Buttered Side Up, where I show you what I ate in a day. I find these kind of posts very interesting, and I hope you do as well!

Breakfast: Soaked oatmeal with butter, a bit of maple syrup, banana, chopped dates, cinnamon, and cream. Mmhmm.

Lunch: Salad, consisting of romaine lettuce, pears, Parmesan cheese, pecans, and homemade dressing.

I also had some yogurt because: salad. It doesn't fill you up.

Snack: I was feeling hungry, so I had a rye cracker spread with butter and topped with extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Snack part 2: I had my sister and her kids down for 3:00 break, and we ate raspberry clafoutis and ice cream. Oh yes.

Seafood Pasta
Supper: Reuben took us out to eat at one of my favorite local restaurants. I had the seafood pasta. It was quite tasty.

What did you have for breakfast today?


  1. Slow-Cooker Apple Pie Steel-Cut Oats from Simple Bites. So yummy, so easy, so nutritious!!

  2. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by what other people eat, but I love these posts :)

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