2014 Gift Guide - Buttered Side Up

2014 Gift Guide

2014 Gift Guide

First off, sorry about no post on Monday. On Sunday I contracted a horrible cold, complete with sore throat, runny/clogged nose, weakness and headache. And it lasted for 3 days. But on to more pleasant things, like Christmas.

I did the shopping for you!

I have compiled for you a list of gifts that I'm sure would please the cooking enthusiast in your life. I either own and cherish or desperately want need these things (hint hint Reuben).

I have arranged these from most to least expensive. Items marked with an * are ones that I own and love.

2014 Gift Guide, Set 1

Copper Pitcher ($88) - Who wouldn't want a copper pitcher?!

Frieling Stainless French Press ($79.95) - Make your coffee in style.

Copper Dutch Oven ($76.99) - I'm a bit obsessed with copper. 

Berry Colander ($48) - I've been eyeing this one for a long time.

Mignon Kitchen Goodies Box ($40) - A sampling of things from the lovely Mignon Kitchen.

*Olive Wood Cutting Board ($39) - I have the smallest size, which is sold out.

Donna Hay New Classics Cookbook ($37.87) - I love all things Donna Hay.

*AeroPress Coffee Maker ($30.20) - Best cup of coffee I've ever made. 

Wooden Cookbook Stand ($30) - Keep your cookbook/tablet upright in style. 

Ittala Bowl ($28) - Another that I've been eyeing for a long time. I love the design!

*Fino Pour Over Kettle ($26.70) - This is the best kettle I've ever used. It's small, but it's all I need.

2014 Gift Guide, Set 2

Letterpress Recipe Cards Set ($25) - I love letterpress. 

Global Salt Trio ($25) - For someone with a refined palette. 

*Chef's Torch ($24.97) - Every cook needs a torch. Amen.

*Weck Jar Set ($18) - These are some of my most loved items.

Wooden Measuring Spoons ($17.99) - These are just adorable.

*Garlic Twist ($17.50) - This makes mincing garlic so easy. Helen likes to do it for me.

The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook ($16.76) - Reuben's mom has this. It's definitely for someone that's more adventurous in the kitchen, but it's lovely. 

Boulder Mug ($16) - I own a more squat version of these and them to DEATH.

Fugi Blossom Rice Bowls ($15.96) - Does a girl need an excuse to own more bowls? No.

The Einkorn Cookbook ($15.76) - I really want to read this one.

2014 Gift Guide, Set 3

Chopstick Noodle Bowl ($14) - I've always wanted a chopstick noodle bowl.

Printed Enamel Mug ($14) - For the blogger in your life. 

*Silpat Baking Mat ($13.89) - This is just so classy.

No Filter Mug ($12.99) - For the Instagram lover in your life.

Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws ($11.97) - I have some similar to these, and I love them. 

Stainless Steel Lunch Box ($9.99) - Pack your lunch with flair. 

Paper Cheese Bags ($9.64) - Another one I really want to try. It kinda hurts to store cheese in plastic bags.

Bamboo Sushi Set ($7.98) - For the sushi enthusiast. 

*Chocolove Almond and Sea Salt Bar ($7.50 - much cheaper in stores) - This flavor is heavenly.

Mini Spatulas ($6.50) - Because you always need more of these.

Bamboo Storage Bowl ($5.99) - So retro. 

Mosaic Tea Tins, set of 2 ($5.98) - These would look so cute sitting on the counter.

What's on YOUR Christmas List?

NOTE: Some links are affiliate. All opinions are my own.

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