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Jovial Foods Review + Giveaway

Jovial Foods
A few months ago I reached out to the folks at Jovial, wondering if they would be interested in partnering with me to bring you guys a review of some of their awesome products. I was expecting to receive a few items, but just look at the bounty they sent me! 

Here's a quick overview of what Jovial is all about:

They're a small, family-owned company, founded by husband and wife team Carla and Rodolfo. When they realized that their daughter was sensitive to modern wheat (it caused her asthma, mood swings, chronic sinusitis and hair loss), they started creating high quality gluten-free foods. 

Then, they discovered Einkorn: a rare, ancient form of wheat. They found that their daughter could eat the Einkorn. Einkorn has a different protein structure than modern wheat, so some people that are sensitive to wheat can handle Einkorn. You can read more about ancient grains HERE.

Besides high quality Einkorn products, Jovial sells gluten-free pastas, organic olive oil, tomatoes in glass jars, and more!

Here is my review of the products they sent me:

Jovial Foods
Whole wheat einkorn penne. I'm usually not a huge fan of whole wheat pasta, but this was quite good. It wasn't bitter like many whole wheat pastas I've tried. 

Jovial Foods
Einkorn spaghetti. This is made with "white" eikorn. I must say that I was quite impressed with this pasta. I was able to achieve perfect al dente. Usually my pasta goes quickly from not quite done to very soft. This pasta was both firm and completely cooked. I could tell that it was high quality.

Jovial Foods
Jovial Foods
Einkorn wheat berries. These were so much fun to work with! They look different from modern wheat varieties.

Sprouted Flour from Jovial Einkorn
I sprouted a package of the berries and made my own sprouted einkorn flour. It doesn't get much better than that.

Jovial Foods
Organic diced tomatoes. I really really appreciate that they're packed in glass jars. I don't like buying tomatoes in tin cans because of all the BPA. I can feel good about using Jovial's tomatoes! 

Jovial Foods
They even use a BPA free lid. I love their attention to details!

Jovial Foods
They included some tomato paste in a glass jar. This is great for thickening pasta sauce and it's SO handy that it's in a jar. Does anyone else get frustrated at those cans of tomato paste?

Jovial Foods
Jovial Foods
Organic extra virgin olive oil. This is made from 100% Italian organic ancient varieties of olives. It's high quality for sure. I didn't notice a big difference in taste, but I'm not an olive oil connoisseur.

Here are a few of the things I made with their products: 

Blueberry Dutch Baby
With the einkorn flour I sprouted, I made a Blueberry Dutch Baby. This was delicious. Helen loved it. 

Spaghetti Bolognese
With the spaghetti, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and olive oil I made Spaghetti Bolognese (with grass-fed beef, of course). Because of the quality of the ingredients, I felt good feeding it to Helen (minus the pasta, since I don't give her un-sprouted grains yet).

Blueberry Cake
I also made a blueberry cake for Helen with the sprouted flour. She adored it. I thought it was yummy as well, even though I cut out a lot of the sweetener from the recipe.

I made my no-knead bread with part of the einkorn flour I ground. It was very good.

Now for the big question: would I purchase these products?

Yes! I will definitely be purchasing Jovial products in the future. I am quite impressed with the quality. The olive oil is pretty expensive - it will be a special occasion item. I'll be savoring my bottle. 

If you're interested in purchasing some Jovial products, make sure you use the coupon code BSU2014
It will get you 10% off your order plus FREE SHIPPING! This code is good until the end of September. It excludes their KOMO grain mill and Culinary Getaway. 

Giveaway Time!

The folks over at Jovial have generously agreed to give away two (2) gift certificates for $25 each!

Here's what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

  • Either like Jovial's Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest. You don't have to follow all three - you can pick just one if you like.
  • Come back here and leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What's your favorite pasta dish of all time?


  • You must follow one of Jovial's social media pages AND leave a comment on this post.
  • You must be a continental US resident and you must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • You must provide a way for me to reach you if you win the giveaway (Your Twitter, Pinterest, email, blog, etc.).
  • The giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 16, at midnight Central Time. No comments will be considered for the giveaway after that time.
  • Using, I will select 2 winners. If you do not provide a way for me to contact you, I will select a different winner.
  • The winners must respond to my email within 72 hours or I will have to choose a new winner.

That's it!
Good luck!


  1. What a great giveaway! I love their crushed tomatoes in a jar, making pasta with it tonight!
    My favorite pasta dish of all time was an incredible dish I had a couple weeks ago at Zero George Hotel in Charleston. It was a butternut squash ravioli with goat cheese and mushrooms.
    Also, my grammy's pasta and meatballs : )

  2. FB fan JR Reynolds
    My favorite dish is baked ziti!! I make it a couple times a week!

  3. My favorite pasta dish is baked manicotti :). Yum!

  4. I like Jovial on facebook and pinterest.

    My favorite pasta dish is lasagna. I don't like cottage cheese, so we usually make it with alternate ingredients. It is more like a casserole than traditional lasagna.

  5. This is such a hard question. I loved baked ziti but pesto penne is a close second!

  6. I agree, what an exciting giveaway! I just liked the Jovial Facebook page.

    My favorite pasta dish is definitely Rigatoni with Fresh Tomato Basil Vinaigrette. Second choice would have to be Pumpkin Mac n' Cheese.

    You can reach me at

  7. It is so hard to pick just one favorite pasta dish. I really like baked ziti or lasagna. Thanks for a great give away.

    My email is

  8. I followed Jovial on Twitter!
    My favorite pasta dish is rigatoni with mushrooms in a garlic cream sauce.
    My Twitter name is courtneycook222 :)

  9. I followed them on pinterest :) I've always been interested in their tomatoes! Thankfully I can get tomato paste in big glass jars from our local ethnic market, but not diced tomatoes.
    My favorite pasta dish of all time is Fettucine Alfredo....always has been! And it doesn't get any easier to make deliciously at home. Sadly, I'm not having dairy or gluten right now (my 6 month old has eczema and it seems to be helping) so I'm really craving creamy pastas!

  10. fan on facebook!

    My favorite pasta dish is spaghetti and meatballs.

    1. my e-mail address is :

  11. Thank you to the introduction to Jovial! I can hardly wait to try their products. I am now following them on FB. My favorite pasta dish... wow that is a hard question because there are so many but i would say my current crush is risotto-style pasta.

  12. My fave is lasagna with goat cheese.

  13. This is my kind of company! My fav pasta dish is lemon basil spaghetti. Melt a stick of butter and cook a generous amount of black pepper and the juice and zest of one lemon. Toss into freshly strained spaghetti and add 1/3 cup of dried (or fresh!) basil and ~1 cup Parmesan. Yum!

    P.S. I know didn't have to share the recipe, but this is so good I get too enthusiastic!

  14. It is hard to say what my favorite pasta dish of all time is, but lately I have been craving Chicken Piccata, so I will go with that! :-)

  15. I love Jovial, and follow them on Facebook & through emails. My favorite pasta dish is macaroni & cheese!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I liked Jovial on facebook. My favorite pasta is whatever is in front of me at the time! I have never tried pasta that I didn't like... alot!

  18. My favorite pasta dish is farfalle with tomatoes, cream, and spicy italian sausage.

  19. I really love farfalle and also tortellini!! Liked them on twitter @MunchTalks

  20. My favorite is chicken satlimbuco

  21. Whoops, I forgot to say what my favorite pasta dish was. Please delete my first entry.
    I follow Jovial on Pinterest as cezovski9
    AND my favorite pasta dish is Spaghetti Carbonara
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  22. My favorite pasta dish is orecchiette sausage and broccoli rabe. I like Jovial on facebook. I recently had to go gluten free and Jovial has made it easy!

  23. I'm already a follower of Jovial's Facebook page. What a great company with so many awesome products!

  24. Super exciting giveaway! My favorite pasta dish is probably pasta and sausage. I really love sausage haha! Also, my contact info is

  25. Your baby is adorable (saw your profile pic!)

    I liked Jovial's FB page (Nicole B.) and my favorite dish to make is a whole wheat baked ziti with garlic bread. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. My favorite pasta dish of all time would have to be my mom's lasagna! Nothing beats it! (I liked Jovial's facebook page - I'm squaredonut.)

  27. Thanks for the great giveaway. My favorite pasta dish is Thai noodles with grilled chicken.

  28. Thanks for the chance. I like Jovial on Facebook. Pasta is my weakness. I'd have to choose between my guilty indulgence (Mac and cheese) or anything tomato based-especially roasted tomatoes. Yum!


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